Bob Slunaker


Bob Slunaker

Board Member

Board Member at Large Bob Slunaker lives in South Greenfield, Indiana with his wife, Liz, and their seven Border Collies, two barn cats, and two donkeys. Bob served as Marine and is retired from being the Chief of Police of Cumberland, Indiana.

Bob has been involved with Border Collies for over 25 years, starting out with his “heart dog” Ben. Bob has owner handled and earned titles in Obedience, Utility, and Conformation. He participates in Agility and Herding, just for fun. Bob has volunteered his time helping with Border Collie rescue. He has opened his home to foster dogs, provided transportation, and performed home evaluations.

Bob is proud to serve on the Board of the BCCUSA because believes that both Border Collies and their owners deserve a Club that they can count on!

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