Carol Pease


Carol Pease

Recording Secretary

Recording Secretary Carol Pease hails from Herald, in Northern California. Having working cow and show horses, Carol always had a good working dog and family pet. Herding dogs have always been her favorites, including her Kelpies and Cattle Dogs. Carol got her first Border Collie in January of 2008 and fell instantly in love with the breed with her puppy, Callie. As an owner handler, Carol began showing Conformation. Carol finished Calle’s first AKC Champion at age 14 months and Callie became the first Grand Champion in California, qualifying for AKC’s Eukanuba. With multiple Championships gained, Best of Breeds, group placements, several Eukanuba shows, Nationals and qualifying for the 2016 Top 20 Nationals, Carol was hooked! Carol has trained in Herding, Obedience and Rally and is working toward titles.

Carol has been a member of the San Joaquin Dog Training Club and the Border Collie Club of Northern CA since 2008. She has been a Board Member in various capacities in both clubs for many years and is currently President of both clubs. These clubs put on multiple AKC events, including Conformation Specialties, Obedience, Rally, Tracking, Scent Work and Herding Trials. Carol is very involved volunteering to help make these shows successful. Carol has been a member of the AKC Parent Club for several years and volunteered at the 2019 Nationals as an Assistant Steward.

With family life and working her way up as an Insurance and Financial Services Professional, attaining National recognition, and obtaining Upper Management positions with AAA, Carol has been kept busy for the past 32 years until recently retiring. Now Carol continues to ride her Quarter Horse and is looking forward to showing her youngest girl.

Carol is looking forward to the BCCUSA becoming a premier volunteer organization designed to promote the Border Collie in all venues. Carol will work with integrity, sincerity and determination for the Mission of the BCCUSA, and help members become engaged in Club activities of all kinds that the Border Collie excels in.

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