Susan Van Buren


Susan Van Buren


Treasurer Susan Van Buren lives in Prescott, Arizona on a hobby ranch with her husband, Border Collies, and horses. Susan has owned Border Collies and has been involved in various dog sports for many years. She has competed in Herding, Agility, and Obedience, just to name a few, but is currently focused on Herding, which she now finds the most challenging and rewarding.

Susan has past experience serving on non-profit Boards and with volunteering her time. She is recently retired from an established career in Financial Accounts Management and Bookkeeping in the medical practice field. Susan firmly believes in complete financial transparency and she is confident that the BCCUSA Bylaws have been established to facilitate this objective. Susan is very excited about Border Collie Club USA and is pleased to serve on the Board in the position of Treasurer.

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