Margie Clutter


Margie Clutter

Board Member

Margie lives in Boonville, Indiana and is a retired Registered Nurse. She has owned Border Collies, sheep, and other livestock for most of her life. In 1997, she leased a herding-lines bitch and bred her first Border Collie. She currently owns 6 Border Collies, the youngest is 5 generations down from that very first litter, breeding one litter roughly every three years.Because her primary focus has been on performance and companion events, she highly values good, sound structure to facilitate and prolong the dog’s ability to participate in those events. Along with evaluating good conformation, she DNA tests all of her dogs, along with other available health testing.

Margie’s primary interest in Border Collies has always been their remarkable versatility in a wide variety of activities and sports. She is currently training and competing successfully in Herding, Agility, Obedience, Rally, and Nose Work. To date,she has had 7 Versatility, 4 Versatility Excellent, and 1 Versatility Champion dogs. She has previously served as a member of the national Border Collie Herding and Versatility Committees, Chaired Agility and Co-Chaired Herding at past Border Collie National Specialties, and served for several years as Chair of the Janet Larsen Most Versatile Border Collie recognition program.

Margie is a licensed Herding Judge with both AKC and AHBA.She teaches public dog training classes inBeginning Agility and Rally. She co-leads the local 4-H Dog Club, which has around 30 to 40 children and dogs participating on a nearly year-round basis.

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