Board of Directors

BCCUSA Board Members 2022

Claire Hamilton (President)

President Claire Hamilton has been involved with the Border Collie breed since 1995 and has trained and titled multiple Champions in multiple sports and venues, including several Dual Champions. She is an AKC licensed Herding Judge and AKC Breeder of Merit. In 2019, she judged herding at the prestigious Australian 5th National Border Collie Specialty in Sydney, Australia. Over the years, she has competed at sixteen Border Collie National Specialties and served as the Herding Chair of the 2013 Border Collie National Specialty. Claire served as Vice President on the 2013 – 2014 Board of Directors of the AKC Border Collie parent club. She currently serves as Treasurer of the North Georgia All Breed Herding Dog Association, of which she was a founding member in 2002.

Claire lives in Georgia on a 40- acre farm with her partner Doyle Ivie and their Border Collies and Australian Shepherds. Together, they maintain flocks of sheep and ducks and they offer all breed herding dog training lessons. They host several annual Herding events sanctioned by the American Kennel Club and the American Herding Breed Association, as well as National Specialty Herding Trials for several different herding breeds. Claire is also the owner and licensed broker of the real estate company C. Hamilton & Associates, Inc., in Athens, Georgia.

As a founding member of the Border Collie Club USA, Claire shares her vision of an inclusive dog Club run by and for its members, with fully transparent Club affairs that openly welcomes volunteers that participate in all venues. Claire believes in working collaboratively with breed fanciers to promote the Border Collie in an ethical, fun, and responsible manner.

Mike Horgan (Vice President)


Vice President Mike Hogan lives in Southeast Florida and is the owner of Draxen Farms, where he keeps a small flock of sheep and ducks and offers all breed herding dog training lessons. Mike has hosted Herding Trials sanctioned by the American Kennel Club and the United States Border Collie Handlers’ Association.

Mike started his professional career in dogs in 1998 with his Rottweiler, Drax, and they went on to earn a national ranking in three levels of Obedience with multiple High in Trials and a Conformation Championship. Mike and Drax competed in Herding as well. His Rottweiler, Driver, was a very accomplished Tracking Dog, who can be seen in the May, 2008, Dog Fancy Magazine, tracking at the Rottweiler Nationals. In 2005, Mike got his first Border Collie, Liam, and of course a very serious “herding bug” and the rest was history! He has trained and titled multiple AKC Herding Champions and received multiple Herding High in Trials with both his own Border Collies and with his clients’ dogs.

Mike has been a long-time member of the Central Florida Herding Club and currently serves on its Board as Vice President. Mike is a founding member of the Border Collie Club USA (BCCUSA) where he earnestly serves his fellow Club members, while promoting the Border Collie in the sport of Herding. Mike believes in the promotion and recognition of Club member accomplishments in all venues across the USA.

Carol Pease (Recording Secretary)


Recording Secretary Carol Pease hails from Herald, in Northern California. Having working cow and show horses, Carol always had a good working dog and family pet. Herding dogs have always been her favorites, including her Kelpies and Cattle Dogs. Carol got her first Border Collie in January of 2008 and fell instantly in love with the breed with her puppy, Callie. As an owner handler, Carol began showing Conformation. Carol finished Calle’s first AKC Champion at age 14 months and Callie became the first Grand Champion in California, qualifying for AKC’s Eukanuba. With multiple Championships gained, Best of Breeds, group placements, several Eukanuba shows, Nationals and qualifying for the 2016 Top 20 Nationals, Carol was hooked! Carol has trained in Herding, Obedience and Rally and is working toward titles.

Carol has been a member of the San Joaquin Dog Training Club and the Border Collie Club of Northern CA since 2008. She has been a Board Member in various capacities in both clubs for many years and is currently President of both clubs. These clubs put on multiple AKC events, including Conformation Specialties, Obedience, Rally, Tracking, Scent Work and Herding Trials. Carol is very involved volunteering to help make these shows successful. Carol has been a member of the AKC Parent Club for several years and volunteered at the 2019 Nationals as an Assistant Steward.

With family life and working her way up as an Insurance and Financial Services Professional, attaining National recognition, and obtaining Upper Management positions with AAA, Carol has been kept busy for the past 32 years until recently retiring. Now Carol continues to ride her Quarter Horse and is looking forward to showing her youngest girl.

Carol is looking forward to the BCCUSA becoming a premier volunteer organization designed to promote the Border Collie in all venues. Carol will work with integrity, sincerity and determination for the Mission of the BCCUSA, and help members become engaged in Club activities of all kinds that the Border Collie excels in.

Paige O'Donnel (Corresponding Secretary)


Paige lives in Palm City, FL and has been involved with Border Collies since 2000. She is a firm supporter of the versatile Border Collie and to that aim has Owner Handled Champions, Grand Champions, Master Agility Champions, Agility Dog Champions and have herding titles from AKC and AHBA, including a High In Trial with a 99.5 score! She is an AKC Breeder of Merit under her kennel prefix “Tall Tails”.

She is the past Vice-President of the Sunshine State Herding Group Association, which hosts the largest Herding Specialty in the USA. For the last three years, she served as their Corresponding and Recording Secretary. She has served on the Board of the Palm Beach County Dog Fanciers Association as both Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary. She has served as Board Member at Large, Corresponding Secretary, and Versatility Chair for the Border Collie Society of America. She served as the Chair of the Border Collie National Specialty and Co-chair of the Border Collie Agility National for numerous years. She judged Sweeps for the Border Collie National Specialty and the Kentuckiana Regional Specialty. She authored the “Agility Paige” for the Borderlines magazine for many years.

Paige considers it an honor to serve as the Corresponding Secretary of BCCUSA, with its united membership that will move mountains for the betterment of the breed that we all love. TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More!

Susan Van Buren (Treasurer) 

Treasurer Susan Van Buren lives in Prescott, Arizona on a hobby ranch with her husband, Border Collies, and horses. Susan has owned Border Collies and has been involved in various dog sports for many years. She has competed in Herding, Agility, and Obedience, just to name a few, but is currently focused on Herding, which she now finds the most challenging and rewarding.

Susan has past experience serving on non-profit Boards and with volunteering her time. She is recently retired from an established career in Financial Accounts Management and Bookkeeping in the medical practice field. Susan firmly believes in complete financial transparency and she is confident that the BCCUSA Bylaws have been established to facilitate this objective. Susan is very excited about Border Collie Club USA and is pleased to serve on the Board in the position of Treasurer.

Bob Slunaker (Board Member)


Board Member at Large Bob Slunaker lives in South Greenfield, Indiana with his wife, Liz, and their seven Border Collies, two barn cats, and two donkeys. Bob served as Marine and is retired from being the Chief of Police of Cumberland, Indiana.

Bob has been involved with Border Collies for over 25 years, starting out with his “heart dog” Ben. Bob has owner handled and earned titles in Obedience, Utility, and Conformation. He participates in Agility and Herding, just for fun. Bob has volunteered his time helping with Border Collie rescue. He has opened his home to foster dogs, provided transportation, and performed home evaluations.

Bob is proud to serve on the Board of the BCCUSA because believes that both Border Collies and their owners deserve a Club that they can count on!

Margie Clutter (Board Member)


Margie lives in Boonville, Indiana and is a retired Registered Nurse. She has owned Border Collies, sheep, and other livestock for most of her life. In 1997, she leased a herding-lines bitch and bred her first Border Collie. She currently owns 6 Border Collies, the youngest is 5 generations down from that very first litter, breeding one litter roughly every three years.Because her primary focus has been on performance and companion events, she highly values good, sound structure to facilitate and prolong the dog’s ability to participate in those events. Along with evaluating good conformation, she DNA tests all of her dogs, along with other available health testing.

Margie’s primary interest in Border Collies has always been their remarkable versatility in a wide variety of activities and sports. She is currently training and competing successfully in Herding, Agility, Obedience, Rally, and Nose Work. To date,she has had 7 Versatility, 4 Versatility Excellent, and 1 Versatility Champion dogs. She has previously served as a member of the national Border Collie Herding and Versatility Committees, Chaired Agility and Co-Chaired Herding at past Border Collie National Specialties, and served for several years as Chair of the Janet Larsen Most Versatile Border Collie recognition program.

Margie is a licensed Herding Judge with both AKC and AHBA.She teaches public dog training classes in Beginning Agility and Rally. She co-leads the local 4-H Dog Club, which has around 30 to 40 children and dogs participating on a nearly year-round basis.